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Anne Everett Rae
Custom baby clothes make for a nice touch on an already beautiful thing!

Recently a customer sent us a message saying, "Custom baby clothes make for a nice touch on an already beautiful thing." We agree!

 ::Our Story:: Seven years ago we welcomed baby Nate into our family; he was Melodye's first grandchild and Ivey's first baby! Ivey bought a monogramming machine because she wanted to personalize his clothing and before she knew it, she was monogramming all sorts of baby items for friends and family. Melodye soon joined and our company, Anne Everett Rae, was started. 

::Our Products:: We decided that we wanted to make sure our products were the best we could with high quality fabrics. We searched high and low to find the silky softness, stain-resistant quality and amazing durability of pima cotton. Once we decided to work exclusively with pima cotton, we have tested and have been perfecting all of our Anne Everett Rae goodies on our littles (there are now 6 grandchildren with one on the way)! We realized it was the small things like soft backing and quality stitching that keep our customers coming back and allowed our products to be passed from child to child. We celebrated our first sale on Etsy, a big sister outfit, over four years ago and have had wonderful customer feedback since. We provide the upmost in making sure your outfit is exactly what you want with font proofing and packaging perfect for gifts. 

Recently, Ivey's forth little one, baby Eloise, came into this world and Ivey has been dressing her in our Anne Everett Rae outfits around the clock because they really are all that one needs- beautiful, incredibly soft and practical! We love how these custom outfits really do make a nice touch on such beautiful little things, because as we all know, little ones are the most beautiful gifts God could ever give us. 

We are so thankful for our customers for letting us fulfill our passions and we look forward to making something for your precious littles.